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   The SDA employs one paid manager and three part time assistants between the 2 shops.    
Our Fareham shop was opened 10 years ago and is at 178b West St.
 Our stock includes adult and children's clothing, bric a bac, household goods, jewellery, books, music, films and small electrical goods. There is also the odd piece of furniture and some oddities you would not expect to find.
  We are are open from 9 a.m to 4 p.m Monday to Saturday.
VOLUNTEERS are always required for a half or full day.
 To enquire about volunteering in our Fareham branch please ring:
01329 827314 or call in and ask for Gayle, Crisha or Iryna.

Our Gosport shop is situated at 71 High St. and is at the bottom end of the street between Nationwide and Subway.

Our stock is similar to that held in Fareham, but floor space is that much bigger.

Our opening times are also 9 a.m to 4 p.m Monday to Saturday

VOLUNTEERS are always appreciated. Just call in and ask for Gayle, Crisha or Karen or ring on : 02393079149

    You can also e-mail: solentdiabetes@gmx.com


Gosport Shop
  *** Good stock always required at shops***