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       The one day training days are for all newly diagnosed type 2 diabetics, and are usually arranged by the GP or practice nurse. Alternatively, they can be booked by phoning the Diabetes Centre on: 023 9238 2067.

The events take place in Fareham, Portsmouth,Havant and Petersfield.

   They are run by Diabetes Nurse Practioners, and sometimes there is a "lay person", who has had diabetes for several years. Persons attending are encouraged to bring their spouse or carer, so they too can learn how to assist with care.

 During the day, they will discuss how it is diagnosed, what are the symptoms and causes, and what are the implications to health.

   There will also be an opportunity to ask questions, and to learn about healthy lifestyles and diet. They will be shown how to monitor their blood sugar, and learn what the various blood tests mean.

  At the end of the day it is hoped that they will have learned sufficient about the condition to monitor themselves and feel more confident in their ability to live with diabetes.

          Diabetes UK Putting Feet First

  The event includes aspects on how to care for your feet and how to deal with any issues which may occur in the future including a mix of talks and workshops.

  The sessions are designed for those with healthy feet with the aim of keeping them healthy for many years to come.

 These sessions are not intended for those who already have problems with their feet for which they are seeing a podiatrist.  THE EVENT IS FREE FOR DELEGATES.  Tea/Coffee and light lunch provided.

 Spaces are limited and must be booked. Next event will be Spring 2018. To book please go to :

    or contact Nicola Stephens on 01372 720148